Dacharbeitsstand für ein Reparaturwerk in Leipzig

Roof work stand for a repair plant

Railroad equipment is as individual as the plant in which it is installed. The technology must be adapted to the specific conditions in each case. This applies in particular to equipment in existing buildings. Blumenbecker has many years of experience in planning and building workshop equipment for domestic and foreign railroad companies.

The task

Design, construction, supply and installation of roof working platforms and locomotive driver walkways. The contract value amounted to approx. €1.6 million.

The performance

In tough competition with two other companies, Blumenbecker Technik was awarded the contract for the construction of the roof working platforms and locomotive driver walkways. The contract sum amounted to approx. € 1.6 million. After a planning phase of about 4 months and a construction period of about 5 months, the work was completed at the end of 2009. "The entire project posed high technical demands," explains the project engineer. "Thanks to the excellent cooperation between the departments, we solved these tasks in the best possible way." A total of approx. 180 t of steel was processed as lightweight construction and more than 160 drives were installed for extensions and fuses of the plant. The complex electrical control system, including the PLC and the safety control system for monitoring the overhead line (10 kV), was designed and built by the Schafstädt control engineering department. At the same time, the Schafstädt crane service department, which had received the hoist order, planned and installed a ' curved trolley' and an overhead crane.