Your partner for railway technology

We have been offering our customers from industry and trade qualified services and products for more than 30 years.

Our specialist staff are always there for you at five locations in the east of Germany and at service centres throughout Germany.

Here on our railway technology page you will find everything you need to know about roof working platforms, elevated tracks, auxiliary bogies and our service.

In addition to our specialised areas of railway technology and airport ground support equipment, we also offer maintenance services for gates, crane systems, hoists and aerial work platforms.

Roof working plattforms

We offer roof working plattforms customized to your needs.

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Elevated track system

We build elevated tracks and measuring tracks customised to your requirements.

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Auxiliary bogies

We manufacture auxiliary bogies for streetcars and federal railway - with high quality and short delivery times!

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Rolling stock maintenance

We maintain and inspect your railway technology, including elevated tracks, roof working platforms and mobile access technology. We also provide industrial services for your cranes, gates, hoists and much more - all-round protection for your industrial systems.

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